Close to 30,000 Hits!


I haven’t checked my stats in a while…but have just noticed I’m verging on 30,000 hits on this blog! That is CRAZY to me, but something I’m very proud of! ..I’m not one of those people who brags or thinks he is better than anyone else (in any way at all) & it’s not necessarily all about the numbers..if you have 1 view or 100,000, it’s all a work in progress.BUT.. I have put a lot of time and effort into this blog & into my photography and I think people do tend to forget the amountΒ of time that goes into the processing of images. I have lost many evenings stuck behind my laptop, editing until my eyes hurt, just to make sure my work is as good as it can be, & now I’m starting to really see things moving forward. So I’m proud to be verging on 30K. Here’s a massive high 5 to the new bloggers, the old bloggers, & all my fellow photographers putting in all that work! πŸ™‚


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