Blog Update. :)

Sooo as most people that follow me probably know…I dabble in lots of areas of photography, which (obviously) means, lots of photographs of lots of different things. So I’ve decided to get a bit more organized & more specific than before by adding new categories to sort my images in to. Please let me know what you think, as I appreciate feedback. :)There’s a few other little changes to the general layout you may notice too!

On another note, I think it’s getting closer to a YEAR since I joined this Blog, & If you look back to my earlier photographs (like I just did when sorting through them :P) you will see a massive improvement!!! (although though I still use the same camera) 😉 part of the improvement DEFINITELY comes from my fellow bloggers on here (as cliche as it sounds) but it’s true! I get So much lovely feedback, support a great inspiration from this site, so just wanted to say thank you! 🙂