Toy Horses

Toy Horses



9 thoughts on “Toy Horses

      • Well I do live in the US so there will be shipping cost. So take into consideration your talent, the shipping, the printing and get back to me I am not loaded by any means but I am certainly willing to pay you more than just the printing cost! 🙂


      • ahhh that’s so kind! ummm, ok! I’m in somerset at my mum’s until early next week so wont be able to print anything until then! I do have a few other Images (similar to this) if you wanted to check them out first? or is this the one? ha 😛 If you drop me your email, I’ll email you a few different ones when I’m back home. 🙂 (my email Is But yeah as I’ve said… I wouldn’t charge much more than the cost of the printing / Shipping..and that wouldn’t be much. 🙂 (you’ve followed my blog more or less since it started so you’re more of a friend ha) I’ll get back to you on it all ASAP. Just flattered you would want a print ha 😀


      • I would love to look at the others as well, and then decide. I will email you with my E-mail! I really like it and I hadn’t bought my friend a gift for her Baby Shower and I think this would be nice. An original not found in the US!!! 🙂


      • Okaly doke! I will get on it ASAP. 🙂 Have a little patience as I’m stuck in Somerset atm, Ill email you the others tomorrow or sunday! 😀 just need to get everything together! 🙂


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