Exciting News…

I’m saving up the pennies… & am hopefully going to be starting a Photography course in the new year!! 😀 I’ve wanted to do it for a while but my confidence got a little knocked when I applied for the course at college ( a few years ago) & the teacher more or less said my stuff was rubbish. :/ But now I feel focused, ready, (slightly more experienced) & I’ll be armed with some new lenses (from Santa) too 😀 I’m excited to see where this journey will take me, & can’t wait to share it on here with you too. 🙂



10 thoughts on “Exciting News…

  1. Good for you, sorry your confidence was knocked down early on. Better for you not to have a teacher who doesn’t want to teach. I hope this course gives you the boost to do the things you want to do!


  2. I guess your course will teach you lots of techy stuff, but don’t be too hard on yourself because you had a knock back. Your pics are good – as long as you have an ‘eye’, thats everything.


    • Yes, lots & lots of techy stuff! Something I enjoy. 🙂 Thanks for the nice comment. Getting some new lenses for christmas, as I only have 1 at the moment! ha, should be fun. 😀


      • I only work with two; the standard 35mm and a short zoom – up to 105mm.
        On my old film camera I always used to have the wide angle on, but now I use the 35 and piece together shots for panoramas.


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