Laptop fail :(

Unfortunately, my laptop bit the dust today :/ the graphics driver is dead. So I probably won’t be updating for a while 😖 got other things on the list to buy before my laptop so it will have to wait!😫 On a positive, here’s something I made before it died.. – hope it gets you in the Christmas spirit! :D

How I edit #1 – Simple colour change

Hi guys! :) I’ve decided to something a bit different today… here’s a step -by – step of how I do simple colour changes on my images. I will take this pink rose to a deep red! I love editing & showing people tips/ tricks they may not already know! Please comment & let me know if you want to see more things like this on my blog! :) Seb

1. – Open the Image you’d like to change the colour of.
2. Next, use the colour replacement tool and select a dark red colour, brush that over the whole Image to give it a red tint.
3. Then, play around with the adjustment tools & adjust the Hue, drag it along until you find a strong red.
4. To give the Image more depth, adjust the curves – just play around with the curves until you find the right balance! (This time I used a preset curve to Increase contrast.)
5. Final step is to sharpen the image, then you’re done! :)

Remember this?


….Just been looking through my blog & my old posts and went all the way back to the start! This is one of the first photos I posted! Can’t believe how far my blog (& photography) has come since then! :)